About us

Panda Models, established in 2010, is the first and only agency in Poland known to represent exclusively male models, focused on finding and developing extraordinary faces and uncommon minds.
The agency is founded by Lukasz Stepien - a casting director, producer, men’s fashion designer who used to work for Diesel and Marc Jacobs - after gaining the Parisian fashion vision and deciding to recreate the perspective in Poland. He singlehanded brought many male models to the main international catwalks, focusing solely on men and bringing them the titles of top models, therefor being the first agent ever to do that in Poland.

Panda Models has a selective and thoughtful approach resulting in a board containing worldwide known models while continuously scouting for fresh faces. Panda Models was the first agency in Poland to proceed with direct bookings, making it possible to present international top models in the domestic market. We frequently organize castings to cooperate with both Polish and international clients, constantly changing demands and hire models not only from Poland but from all over the world..

Utilizing the highest level of expertise and sophistication, we service all client needs with regards to fashion shows, editorials, advertising campaigns, catalogues, music videos, TV commercials and film.