David Trulik for VERSACE ss19 Milan
Sexy is absolutely not a dirty word, but it’s become a grubbily charged subject. In our post-Harvey world, even Victoria’s Secret pretends its brand is about wellness (ha!). Masculine sexuality (especially hetero) is treading softly in 2018. So props to Donatella Versace for taking a long, hard look at various masculine archetypes and attempting to skew the lens a little. To turn the hotness up again for those who want more to fantasize about than avocado toast. And just as importantly, to provide outfits for those who want to feel fantasize-able. This menswear collection was presented against a complementary women’s capsule—not Resort—the better to give a sense of the brand’s total world. Tonight, beneath a gabled roof of unseasonably late hothouse wisteria, Versace’s men and women ran through a suggestive riot of stereotypes.