Damian Galkowski for Frankie Morello fw18
For Fall/Winter 2018-2019, the journey of the Frankie Morello man and woman continues under new artistic director Nicholas Poggioli. The theme for this season is the path of a spiritual evolution that Frankie Morello women and men undertake together, to venture in search of new dimensions and mystical scenarios. Itʼs a travel that starts from the fanatical and alienating chaos of the modern metropolis, always less people-friendly and even more punctuated by the robotic work of the machines, so much so as to separate the link between values and religiosity, preferring instead the cult of the consumerism. To get back in touch with the most ancestral side of ourselves itʼs therefore necessary to get away from this reality and begin a journey that leads us to relate with the primordial rhythms of nature, leaving the city and approaching the highest natural skyscraper on the planet: Mount Everest. Trying to climb and to restrain this “giant” physically and metaphorically, represents the individual path in progress, demonstrating how willpower can push each of us to change and to elect our own limits. In this climb of 8,848 meters, we will run into extreme scenarios, gusts of wind, glacial temperatures, and we will finally find physical and spiritual refreshment only in the majestic and isolated Tibetan temples. Once we reach the top, we will find ourselves literally between heaven and earth, thus acquiring a different awareness of ourselves and of the reality that surrounds us. Only starting from this moment will we have a renewed vision in order to undertake a new escape. \\\" we will find ourselves literally between heaven and earth \\\"